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Ultimate Snow Broom

Ultimate Snow Broom

Ultimate Snow Broom {EZ930}

This snow broom has it all! This combination brush, squeegee and ice scraper easily removes snow and ice. 10 inch wide black nylon brush is attached to an 11 inch wide rubber squeegee head. At the other end of the aluminum pole is a 4 inch wide ice scraper.
Pricing: $18.35 each
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It is a best practice for Ultimate Snow Broom to use them for several years in order to reduce cost at dealerships.  One hazard during cold weather is falling.  Use Ultimate Snow Broom to help reduce your exposure to such accidents.  Many Dealerships use the Ultimate Snow Broom to remove Snow And Ice from cars, then starting the cars in order for them to run and melt surrounding snow as well.  This charges batteries, helps remove snow and keeps salespeople active during this challenging time of year.  We suggest purchasing several Ultimate Snow Brooms (EZ-Lettering Item Number EZ930) and supplying all departments Sales, Service, Detail And Body Shop with Snow Broom.  Keep your cars clear of snow.  You will sell more cars, have a safer lot and have a STRONG winter!
At CarDealerStuff we take pride in offering new and exciting ways to enhance the productivity at your New Car or Used Car Dealership.  Parts Department products like Ultimate Snow Broom are being updated periodically and are just as valuable now as they were years ago.
Today, in addition to complete and extensive line of Adhesive Windshield numbers & signs, E-Z Lettering  offers one of the largest selections of Flags and Pennants, Key Tags, Inflatables, Selling Aids, Service Supplies, Dealer Supplies and other products specifically designed to help automobile dealerships attract customers, increase sales, enhance customer service and improve employee productivity.  CarDealerStuff Takes great pride in offering E-Z Lettering products to Automotive Dealers.
CarDealerStuff.com And BigBalloonLady.com have been providing dealership marketing products along with E-Z lettering since 1990!
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