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Flags & Swoopers: 3 x 8 Foot Flags {EZ359} Car Dealer Stuff

Flags are 3 x 8 and Made of red, white and blue nylon, these 100% nylon flags have heavy bleached cloth headings with four strong brass grommets along the left vertical side. Printed in black ink on each side, these messages can be read from either side. 15 messages to choose from. Each flag includes four self-locking nylon straps that fit up to an 8? diameter pole.

Swooper Flag & Pole Kit {EZ827} Car Dealer Stuff

Draw attention with minimal effort with these 15 ft. tall giant flag kits! Great for mounting to a square light pole, fence or building, these flags flutter & flap with a slight breeze. However, unique design allows this flag to “fly” even when there is no wind. Each flag is 2 feet 5 1/2 inches wide x 11 feet 5 3/4 inches tall and has a sewn sleeve that easily slips over the specially designed flag pole. The 3-piece flag pole is made of anodized aluminum and is slightly over 15 feet tall. Made of heavy duty steel, each Angle Pole Bracket has a 4 inch x 5 7/8 inch plate with four holes to allow for easy mounting. A small hole at the bottom of the 5 inch tall shaft allows for water drainage. Dozens of flag designs available.

The choices for brackets are angled poles, vertical poles, tire bases, and ground spikes.

Clip-On Car Flag {EZ418} Car Dealer Stuff

Made of polyester cloth, each flag is 11 inches tall x 13 inches wide. Staff is designed to easily attach to any car or truck window

Clip-On U.S. Flag {EZ415} Car Dealer Stuff

Show Your Colors! Made of polyester cloth, each U.S. flag is 11? tall x 13? wide Staff is designed to easily attach to any car or truck window. Since staff is clipped to a window, it is difficult to steal the staff. Sold in packs of a dozen (12).

Clip-On Paddle Flag Kit {EZ885} Car Dealer Stuff

No wind, no worries, your message is always readable with this patent pending product. Great for vehicles with retractable antennas or if you are concerned about damaging any antennas. 2 foot tall premium cloth flag is printed on both sides and is attached to a durable 2 1/2 foot tall fiberglass pole with wide molded clip that easily attaches to any car or truck window. Pivoting pole allows the flag to turn into the wind, reducing wear and tear on the flag. The two piece window clip design allows the flag & pole to be removed easily without rolling down the window.

Outdoor Message Board {EZ924} Car Dealer Stuff

Buy 1 Outdoor Message Board, Get 2 FREE Stock Message Inserts(EZ925)Standing a full 45 inches tall. The unique aluminum frame design allows for easy replacement of your stock or custom message.

Bucko Banner® Bucko Kit [EZ295-KIT} Car Dealer Stuff

Put your kit message where it can be easily seen while keeping the vehicle interior cool. Unique design incorporates two elastic cords on each banner end for easy attachment to each of the vehicle’s side mirrors. Fits virtually any windshield. Each 2 foot tall x 4 foot 2 inch wide letter banner is made of heavy-duty, reinforced, weatherized vinyl. Reusable and easy to take off for test drives. Includes four letters to spell SALE or SAVE.